Edward Bellamy

Born: March 26, 1850 in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts

Died: May 22, 1898 in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts

Family: Married in 1882, first child born in 1884

Education: Studied literature at Union College in N.Y. and law in Massachusetts 

Biography: Traveled to Germany and saw “English serfdom”.  Opened a law office, took one case, then quit.  Took an editing job for the New York Evening Post and Springfield Daily Union as well as writing book reviews.  Began writing short stories for magazines and in 1884 published four novels.



  • Dr. Heidenhoff’s Process
  • Looking Backwards: 2000-1887
  • Equality
  • The Duke of Stockbridge: A Romance of Shay’s Rebellion
  • Miss Ludington’s Sister

Short Stories

  • At Pinney’s Ranch
  • With the Eyes Shut
  • The Blindman’s World
  • Two Day’s Solitary Imprisonment
  • The Cold Snap
  • To Whom This May Come
  • Deserted
  • A Summer Evening’s Dream
  • An Echo of Antietam
  • Hooking Watermelons
  • Lost
  • A Love Story Reversed
  • The Old Folks’ Party
  • A Positive Romance
  • Pott’s Painless Cure

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