This blog, written by a fellow classmate of mine, fits in well with my Grapes of Wrath post. Feel free to peruse his blog as you “travel” through cyber space!

The Orange Ukulele


Secondly, how humourous was that? Well, whether you chuckled or cringed, the idea of that video remains the same: that the biblical story of Exodus is about journey and wandering, about leaving one’s home for a new one, about powers beyond one’s control leading to this removal, but also about the possibility of regained authority in a new land. Facing slavery in Egypt, the Israelites fled from the cruel grasp of the Pharaoh to the hypothetical land of milkduds and honeydew. The promise of freedom and dream-worthy potentials was enough for the Israelites to move away from their homestead and its restrictions. And though the farmers of the 1920s and 1930s were not, technically, enslaved by a Pharaoh, they were under the iron fist of the banking system. When that banking system became unruly and unscrupulous with the Great Depression, the farmers, and their literary counterparts in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of…

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