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This blog takes a look at Route 66 from The Grapes of Wrath. Route 66 was the main road traveled on to get to California. It is interesting to see the change on Route 66 from the times of The Grapes of Wrath to the present. The pothole filled roads still exist and as this blogger mentions the roads were only suitable for specific types of cars. The cars in The Grapes of Wrath were not “suitable” cars for long distance drives. They weren’t even suitable cars! They were handmade trucks, torn apart and rebuilt to create space for every family member and belonging. I liked how this blogger included the story about the GPS trying to turn them around. It is like the GPS was saying “you don’t want to go there! Turn around and don’t mention this place again”, What does this say about the Joad’s in The Grapes of Wrath who had no choice but to go forward? They had nothing to turn around and go back to.


The town of Williams where we were staying was the last town on Route 66  to be passed by the new freeway. The town makes the most of its’ heritage, although maybe a little kitch? We loved it! First we could walk round the town at night from the motel- no need to get in the car just to cross the road. Next I am a big John Steinbeck fan. The Grapes of Wrath tells the story of a dust bowl family in the 1930’s who were tractored off their land- ie the tractors just came along and knocked down their home, in the interests of big agri business. The family along with many others makes the long and difficult journey from Oklahoma along Route 66 to California, tempted by handbills offering work picking crops- peaches, grapes, cotton, oranges. When they arrive, after loosing three family members along the route…

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3 thoughts on “Getting our kicks!

  1. I am so thrilled that you liked my blog. I love the blogs you have done so far. Don’t forget another of my favourite books will you- On the Road by Jack Kerouac! That would be some trip to follow this route!

    • Thanks for the feedback! And thanks for the post as well. The blog is for a school project so I won’t be able to look at On the Road, but maybe that can become some summer reading.

  2. Reblogged this on nanacathydotcom and commented:
    I have had my first reblog. Check out this site if you love American Literature.

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